How to Find Someone’s Phone Number

Do you need to find someone’s phone number online? And you don’t want to ask them directly for that? So, keep reading, in this guide, I’ll show you what you can do to get anybody’s cell phone number through their personal details. So, start from their real name, email, or picture. And if you need more ways, there are advanced search systems for that. So, let’s try them.

Getting a person’s phone number without asking him should be easier these days. You can use any information such as usernames or street addresses. All that can tell you what you need to know about people online and is not that complicated. But that needs some tricks and search strategies.

Finding people’s phone number

Finding a person’s mobile number can take time if you have no idea about his or her details. But when you use their name or email, things work faster. In reality, searching for contact details using people’s names is the easiest way. However, if that’s not possible, then, there are other options to find cell numbers through their usernames, pictures, and more.

1. Use phone number finders

There are many services to find phone numbers using the Internet. And by using the premium reverse lookup technologies, you can find people’s numbers using their names, emails, street addresses, or even old cell numbers if that’s possible. Lots of people change their numbers, and using any old contact detail should be enough to get accurate reports.

What makes these tools exceptional is the advanced search. In other words, if you’re not sure about the full name of the person. But you have their age, even approximately, middle name, or city. Then, there is a system that will suggest the right profiles when showing the results.

In all cases, you can find almost anyone’s phone number even if you only have their email or names. So, take your time and use the right tool that looks better for you.

2. By email

Because email accounts have unique IDs or usernames, it’s easier to get the contact details using that information. Also, that may reveal other hidden details that are linked to that Gmail or Yahoo email you don’t know about. Thus, using the person’s email address is the best option to find his phone number in a few minutes. And that’s without the need to browse public directories that never help.

When talking about sites such as Zoosk, POF, or any dating platform, the direct search on the site won’t provide any result. However, by using any advanced reverse email lookup tool, you get many details, including the owner’s phone number. And of course, you can find that number without any registration to any social network. Next, you can use your subscription to the background search site and find additional details.

Another important thing we should mention here is that you can find someone’s new cell phone number for free using their email. That’s because most search engines keep track of contact details that people change. Consequently, if someone has changed his number suddenly, there is a high chance to find that number through reverse email lookup. But that’s not 100% valid for all the searches, but you can give it a try.

3. Search by name

Even if using someone’s name is good in finding his number, that may not always be easy and accurate. Imagine if you search for someone and you find a long list of similar names (first and last). So even when adding the state to the search filter, the list won’t be easy to go through. That’s why accessing people’s telephone numbers using their names should be followed by adding the location, such as the city or the state.

Here is how to find someone’s phone number with their name and for free. First, visit the Google search. Then, put the name of the person inside quotes, followed by these words: “phone” “number” or “contact”. Google will then search the database for these details and combine them all. As a result, if someone has that exact name and there is a mention of a phone number on that page, you’ll find it.

Here is an example of the search:

phone, OR number, OR contact, OR mobile “name here”

Just replace the name with the first plus last name of the person you want to find his number.

How to find someone's phone number on Google

If you know that person’s account on other social networks, that could help you uncover their names on Snapchat or other apps. Then, use that name to find their contact numbers.

4. Use their street addresses

Compared to using the name of the person to find his cell number, this search option is sometimes better and more accurate. If the person has a street address that you know, then, use it to find his phone number. All you have to do is switch the search to address, and carefully add it exactly as it’s is. And if you’re not sure, Google Maps can help. Use it to locate the house, then, copy the street address or the name of the location to avoid spelling issues.

If we combine these two search ways, you can easily extract any contact detail. That’s because searching through the name and street address, at the same time, eliminates the wrong profiles and only shows you the exact matches. So, there should be only the number of that specific house owner.

The White Pages phone book can also help and provide information to contact people. It’s a huge directory of numbers, names, and addresses. But the issue here is that cell numbers are not listed there unless you pay for a premium subscription which may not be worth it. If someone has a hidden mobile number, then, it won’t be easy to get it with WhitePages or even any similar phone directory websites. What can find such secret numbers, is the advanced search tool above, it works well.

In order for you to get someone’s cell phone number, make sure you diversify the search entries. So, start with the first and last name of that person. Then, switch the search to any known email address or old phone number. And if that did not work, you may try looking at their social media accounts or through an advanced phone finder tool like the one above.

5. Social media networks

When using social media, we can find someone’s phone number for free. That’s because social networking is powerful these days. And according to the latest statistics, nearly 79% of the total US population uses social media.

So, even if you deleted someone’s phone number and you want to find it back, then a quick look at his/her profile on Facebook, or LinkedIn can give you all the contact details. However, if you’d like to call someone and you look for his number on Snapchat or Instagram, then, use the above options. In fact, these sites do not share such personal details and mobile contacts.

Get their numbers on Facebook

When it comes to finding someone’s number on Facebook, things are going to be easier. That’s because the “About” tab on the user profile page can show you all the contact details. To do that and if you know his or her Facebook account, look for the tab called “About”. And next find the “Contact” and see if there is any number there, that’s it.

Finding a person's cell phone number on Facebook

On the other hand, if you have no idea about the person’s Facebook usernames or accounts, you can use Google. To do that, start searching using the full name and add “Facebook” to the search phrase.

Now, you need to verify that the Facebook account you’re searching through is active and real. Many accounts on Facebook are fake and scammers use them for bad reasons. So, to find a person’s cell phone number on Facebook, always compare the details on their bio section to pictures, locations, and other details. You can easily spot a fake Facebook user because there is a big difference between the mobile numbers and the city where that person is supposed to live.

Finding anyone’s phone number on Facebook is not that easy all the time. So, always mix the search options and you may distinguish between outdated information and recently active accounts.


Finding a person’s number using his LinkedIn account has higher accuracy and chances. That’s because people always look for solid connections on LinkedIn and they care a lot about their up-to-date contact details including their cell numbers.

So, don’t hesitate to see if the person has an account on LinkedIn with the help of Google or through the public records site above. Then, on his profile page, click on the “Contact” info tab and a popup will be opened with all the contact details. Here is a screenshot to find the contact section on any Linkedin profile.

Contact info on Linkedin

Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram do not allow people to add a dedicated section as contact detail, and even if there is a way to add a bio, people don’t use it as Facebook contact. So, instead of that, try search engines and the above ways to get their numbers, but not on Twitter.

By doing a search on Bing or Google, anyone can find details about people he wants to get in touch with. It all starts by typing the person’s name in the search and reading the listed pages. However, sometimes, the name you search for may return too many other social media accounts of other people. So, visit their profiles and see the contact details. On the other hand, you may find their blogs or owned websites. And in this case, check their contact page to get their mobile number if there is any.

Yahoo is using the Bing search system. So, it makes no sense to use it these days. However, Google is your best friend in any Internet-related search.

7. Search with a picture

If no advanced tool like Google or any other search engine can find the person’s number you look for, then, you can try the reverse image search. It’s like the regular site, but with a picture instead of words. The best site is Google image search in the first place. It has the largest database in the world, and it can find more phone numbers by picture and contact details than any other website.

In the second place, you can use other tools to find contact numbers through images like All you need is a picture of the person, then, upload it and look for websites that photos are listed on. And if there is any cell phone number there, you’ll be lucky to find it. These are good ways to find people by picture, and see their contact details such as mobile phone numbers and emails.

8. Ask them directly

I know that this is not a comfortable situation for everybody. It’s not that easy for many to get someone’s phone number by asking the person directly. But if you should find the number, then, it’s better to ask for it. So, tell that person that you need to contact them by phone, and you don’t have their number yet. They can accept to give you their cell phone number or reject it. But you have nothing to lose because you’re asking for a thing that anyone else can do.

If you don’t know that individual personally, and you have no option to meet them, then, use the above options to get their mobile number without asking.


These are the best ways on how you can find someone’s cell phone number by their name. Some of these search solutions work for free, while others may require a subscription. But in all the cases, I recommend starting with the free options as that can reveal numbers behind someone’s name. But if you find no mention of numbers, then, only the paid tools can fix the problem.

When it’s the time to call someone for any reason, you may find yourself unable to find his phone number. That’s because probably you never met them or they can stop using that old contact detail. Or even they have moved away and changed all their numbers. No matter what causes that, there are many ways to find the actual numbers that someone uses. So, use the search tools and ways on this page.

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