Privacy Policy Statement

Everyone should be aware of what a privacy policy page on any website is all about and what he can do to accept or reject the terms. So, here is what Tekrifa collects as information when you visit any page or comment on any article.


We ( use website cookies to accelerate the site loading time by telling the web browser that files like colors, styling, and fonts should be saved in the first time, so when the visitor visits another page, he just gets the modified content and not the styling and of the page and layout that he already got previously. That saves data for the visitor, and also, it makes the user experience better and faster.

Anyone can enable or block the usage of cookies in his web browser by going to the setting tab, then, choose to block all site cookies or block a specific site from saving these cookies.

What do we collect as data?

We don’t collect lots of data like many websites do, we just save the current IP address to know from what country you visit the site, and also, we may save your email and name if you submit a comment and add the details as requested. This information helps us to understand the site usage better and when we reply to your email, we know with whom we’re talking. Other than that, Google analytic collects the device’s brand and version to help us improve the speed of the site depending on what mobile device users are browsing through.

How do we protect the data?

Tekrifa is a website that saves the data, including our content on secure servers in the United States with the highest levels of encryption and the best security tools and measures. So, when you read a page, your browser will get encrypted content that no one can intercept or use, the same thing applies to our servers that verify that your browser is also safe. In addition to SSL, we use advanced systems to prevent security issues that may occur when you have an insecure browser version or computer, so, you’re safe with us.

Google Analytics

Google has a powerful analytic tool that we use to improve the user experience, page speed, and make the content better. So, when a reader visits a page on, we know from what region, he or she is and what language they used in the browser. Also, we collect the time people spend on the page and know what pages they visited to understand the site better, Google Analytics is safe, accurate, and trusted by millions of sites across the globe.

How to contact us?

Do you have something to ask about this privacy policy? Or do you need to suggest new guides? Then, get in touch and let us know what you think, we’ll be happy to read your message and reply within 48 hours as a maximum on weekdays.