Tools to Search Information about Almost Anyone Online

The following are the tools that work well in searching for personal information when you use the details like someone’s name, email, street address, and even searching with a username. All of them provide accurate reports, and you have just to diversify your search options to get as much data as possible.

4 tools to search by name, username, phone number, email & address

1. BV (best option)

For username search, see the following section. This is not a regular people search tool or a way to search almost anyone’s information online, but the best of them. In reality, I used their service, and compared to what I got as results in the report with others, there was more data like social media profiles, email accounts, phone numbers, previous street address and the new one, property, and more.

You can search using the person’s first and last name, his cell number, or other ways, including user names, addresses, and even more, you can run a VIN search.

Here is what you can search as details and get as features with this advanced people search site:

  • The real name
  • Street address (new and old ones if that’s true)
  • Email address
  • Social media profiles
  • Accounts found in his name on different websites
  • Relatives and associates
  • All your searches are encrypted, and your privacy is protected
  • Detect dating scams and uncover their real identities
  • Search the area safety
  • Criminal records
  • Unclaimed money search and more…

I suggest waiting for their search system to let you obtain almost all the details in one place. It needs to scan a huge database of data to build a detailed background search report that no other company offers.

Username search

There is a great username search tool that this system offers. You can type a username in the search box, next validate and see if there are social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc…That could help you to discover more information about a user on social media apps.

Here is what’s inside the reports. It’s just an example, and you may get more or fewer data.

Details in the report

Because scanning millions of sites, social profiles, blogs, and more need lots of server resources and teams. This is a premium people search platform where you can get background search reports that save months of regular search on Google and lots of work. The one-month plan comes with great background searches, and it costs $22.86; however, the best option that costs less, is the 3 months membership for $44.58.

Here is a simple example with accounts on social networks that are not visible without using this tool.

Example of social profiles found

All that provides up-to-date information and reports that are easy to read and navigate through, but what’s even better is that members can monitor the changes on people’s social media accounts. So, if there is a newly discovered profile, they can get notifications to uncover it.

2. PeopleLooker

This is a similar site that searches what people have as details online with their names, but also it has other search options, including the email and the home address. The site collects the data using different ways, and that makes searching for a relative or a lost family member easier and faster than using regular search engines. At the same time, within the search report, users can access social media photos, URLs, contact information, and more.

The default search options let you use the first and last name to reverse people search or even do a background search on yourself. So, make sure you use that feature to get accurate reports.

Being one of the most accurate websites to search someone’s social media accounts, this can help you in many ways to get usernames, profile URLs, and other information. When you start the search, the tool may ask you to help them improve the quality of the search and correct any detail that is not 100% verified. So, if you know the age of the person or if he has been arrested or not before, you can click on the answer to enhance the database.

When it’s time to search for friends, and you only know what username they use, type them in the search box, and watch for social media profiles being listed one after the other.

3. NumberGuru (Phone number lookup)

Do you need to discover more information about the phone number behind that mysterious call, or text message? Or do you need to see the possible name, address, and online accounts behind phone numbers you don’t recognize? Then, this is a perfect choice.

The tool uses advanced technology to search for data on websites, forums, social media networks, and more. As a result, users get more accurate information regarding cell phone owners and more details to discover when possible in a clear search report.

4. NeighborWho

With this premium people search tool, you can search phone numbers and see the real owner. In addition, they have other search options like the home address. Thus, if someone you don’t recognize has these details, you can search the data and get a clear report.

Millions of users trust these tools and reconnect with their loved ones, and even save their relationships by searching for strange details. So, use the one that looks better for your search and stays safe.