How to Win a Woman Back After Hurting Her

Did you break your wife or girlfriend’s heart, and you want to get her back? Do you need to win a woman back after hurting her? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the best ways and tips.

Well, sometimes, we end up hurting the people we love the most even though we didn’t mean it. And the fact that you realize that you’re faulty and want to make things right again with your girl means that she actually means a lot to you. So you really want to make your relationship work again.

So, as long as you’re trying hard to work things out, here are the most successful tips that will hopefully help you win her back.

7 ways for winning a woman back after hurting her

1. Admit that you’re faulty

Being hurt by the most people we love is the most painful feeling ever. It leaves you lifeless and broken, and it takes time to heal and find inner peace. So after shuttering your wife’s or girlfriend’s heart, you felt bad and realized that what you did was wrong. Indeed, coming to this realization makes you a good partner since you’re admitting that it’s your fault.

Apologize to your girlfriend after hurting her

Or it was just a misunderstanding that caused all this mess. Consequently, it’s better to gather your courage and apologize to your girlfriend. By doing this, you’ll win your woman’s respect and even win her back faster.

2. Be sincere when apologizing

There’s nothing softer than a woman’s heart. In fact, females are kind by nature, they are really soft-hearted, and they’ll forgive you the moment they get a sincere apology. Thus, if you truly want to win your partner’s heart again, you have to be sincere with her.

That’s to say; you should be honest when apologizing. Please mean it and let her know that you’re really sorry things go downhill and that you feel so guilty you made her feel that way.

Be sincere when apologizing

Furthermore, please look her in the eyes when you talk to her. This will show that you’re sincere and remorseful. Nonetheless, it’s okay if she doesn’t forgive you right away.

You have to understand that she’s still in a state of shock, and it could take her some time to get over her pain and forgive you. However, be sure that your sincere apology made an impact on your woman and made her heart warm-up for you once again. So, be patient and give her some time to rest because you hurt her.

3. Win her back by leaving cute texts

This is another way to help you win your wife back after hurting her. Hence, don’t hesitate to send her some cute messages to let her know how much you miss her, and you need that person in your life. If she blocked your number, try other ways to find her number if there are any further contact details.

Then, these are some sweet texts that you could send her:

  • “ Hey, babe! It’s really killing me to be the one who hurt you badly. I will never forgive myself. Please forgive me, I Love You.”
  • “ Every time I step foot in the apartment, all I can see is how empty it is without you. I truly miss you.”
  • “ Hey, darling! I know you’re still mad at me but I’m not giving up on you. I love you and will always do”

If you cheated on your partner, winning her through texts won’t work easily, you need to explain everything. Then, show her what you hide as details if she needs to know that. Then, try to send these texts, and they’ll have a magic effect on your wife.

4. Send her special gifts

Women in general love presents, and they get excited when they receive one. Moreover, it’s a great way if you want to apologize and reconcile with your baby girl. Accordingly, it’s better to buy a thoughtful and meaningful gift to give your girl.

For example, you can buy a huge flower bouquet, write her a card and send it to your girlfriend at home or in her workplace. Then, let your sweetheart know that you care about her. And also, make sure you note that she’s so important to you that you won’t give up until you get her back.

Send her special gifts

More importantly, you can go to the milestone and buy your woman something that she has wanted to claim for a while now. Indeed, show your girl that you’re working hard to make it up for her and prove to her that nothing matters but her. Thus, your wife will know that you care about her for real, and you’ll win her love again.

5. Remind her of your good memories

Remember that creating good memories is the best part of every romantic relationship. Then reminding your girl of these sweet souvenirs that you shared can soften her heart and make her realize how sweet and romantic you were together.

As a result, throwing it all away for just one mistake you made can be unfair to you. And that isn’t good for marriage and any relationship. Well, it is worth a shot, so why not try it?

Remind her of your good memories

6. Surprise her with a sweet dinner?

This is a cute way to win your girlfriend back after hurting her. First, make sure you know what she likes as food and drink. Then, take your time preparing a delicious dinner for her.

If you don’t know how to cook, get help from someone else. Maybe your mother or a friend can prepare dinner for you. Just tell them how much you regret hurting your girlfriend and that you need to get her back again.

Surprise her with a sweet dinner

If your partner lives with you, you don’t have to invite her. Just wait till it’s time and prepare a romantic dinner for your sweetheart. If she lives alone or with her family, then find a way to invite her. You can do that by pretending to be inviting her to talk about the issues and showing her your sincere apology.

7. Use your social media to soften the woman’s heart

Here is how to win the love of your woman’s heart back after hurting her through the help of social media like Facebook and Instagram, which are so powerful. Even though your woman doesn’t want to hear from you, you can use your social media to interact indirectly with her.

You can express your feelings online by sharing posts that indicate how much you still care and love her. Try to share songs that you both love and have memories with. You can also post pictures of you together; that means a lot for you both.

Further, you can send your spouse funny text messages and jokes to remind her of the good times you shared and enjoyed. Then, let your wife know that though you’re apart, you still can make her laugh and draw a beautiful smile on her lovely face.

Facebook may be bad for relationships, but also, it can be as good as real life. Just use social media to communicate with people and fix problems when face-to-face communication is impossible.

8. Don’t force yourself into her life

So after trying your best to win your girl back when hurting her, she still wants to be left alone. Therefore, you should respect her wishes and back up for a while. It’s better to let her clear her mind and make a biased decision without being pressured.

You should step back, minimize your contact with her and let her find out if she misses you back when you’re apart. Then, she’ll realize if she wants to forgive you and give you another chance. Or she’s just made up her mind and wants to stay alone because you hurt her too much.

Either way, you should respect her decisions. Try to sort things out with her and love her the way she is.


To conclude, these are the most prominent and reasonable ways to help you get your woman back even after hurting her. And if you’re meant to be together, I hope you get back together. Dealing with relationship problems is not that easy for everyone. But once you figure out what the issue is, you may find more than one way to fix things and win her back.

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