18 Things that Can Ruin a Marriage

Many things can destroy a marriage, and it won’t be easy to deal with everyday challenges without being aware of them. That’s why we have these tips, and in this guide, we’ll help you get the best marriage advice and avoid toxic habits.

Falling in love and getting married is the most wonderful thing that could ever happen. Living and sharing your life with someone your heart chose is something that hopefully would happen to all people. But what if you faced bumps in your marriage? What if things don’t go as they were planned? And what if the person you married is no more the person you used to know and love?

Indeed, marriage is a real challenge, and if you fail in that challenge, marriage can go down but don’t worry, we’ll provide you with the most prominent factors that can affect marital life. So you’ll be cautious and ready to act.

What kills love in a marriage and ruins it?

1. Cheating

There are plenty of reasons that can destroy a marriage, and the most obvious one is cheating. When someone from a married couple cheats, this will lead directly to the destruction of marriage. In fact, when you cheat, you betray your spouse’s trust, and you make them feel like a fool.

Just imagine living with someone that has been going behind your back and having the audacity to cheat on you. This is really shameful and disgusting, and it can easily kill even a happy marriage.

Cheating can ruin a marriage

Inappropriate relationships when married come with consequences. But if the husband or wife doesn’t even understand the risks of being with someone else when being married, that can quickly end the marriage.

2. Lack of communication destroy marriages

This is a serious reason that can lead to separation. When there’s an absence or lack of communication between the couple, there will be a lot of tension in their relationship.

If you can’t communicate with your partner, you won’t be able to reach out to each other and keep a healthy relationship. However, you prefer instead to talk with yourself rather than with your partner because you know well that no matter what you say, they won’t understand and will get angry in all ways.

3. Social media addiction

Social media and Facebook ruin marriage

There is no way to be happy in your marriage when your spouse is addicted to social media. Whenever you talk to them, they’ll keep checking their timelines for new messages on Facebook. Then, they comment on everybody’s posts on Facebook, Instagram, or spend hours on Youtube.

These are the things that can kill a marriage. That’s also how Facebook ruins marriages and causes lots of issues. So, see if you or your spouse is addicted to Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram. Then, see what you can do to overcome the issues.

4. When spouses develop cell phone addiction

What’s worse than staying days and nights checking phone messages, browsing websites, and watching things? It becomes so annoying when your wife or husband neglects you completely and takes the iPhone wherever they go. These people won’t leave their devices even when taking a shower or eating.

That’s why cell phones can kill relationships. And when it comes to marriage, it’s so bad if spouses consider their phones as a priority.

Smartphones are real marriage killers these days. Lots of guys use dating apps secretly, and when the wife uncovers the sites, things become complicated for their marriage. In addition, when ladies keep taking selfies, whatever they do, that starts to ruin the marriage. So, think about this, and ask yourself if you’re using your cell phone moderately or you’re overdoing that.

Excessive texting may quickly run marriages, especially when a spouse develops doubts about that. Texting may destroy your marriage, so if your husband is messaging other women non-stop, then that’s a sign of cell phone cheating. But even if that’s not the case, the wife won’t find that comfortable for her marriage.

5. Lack of respect in marriage

Lack of respect in marriage can cause divorce

Disrespect is one of the most prominent reasons that can affect marriages. So, if you have a lack of respect in marriage from your partner, then this is a real reason that you can get a divorce.

That’s because the married guy shows you no sign of change or insists on embarrassing you every time you’re together with friends or family.

That being said, it’s always possible to find a solution to every problem. So, by telling your spouse that they are not being respectful (gently, of course) you can change things for the best.

6. Lack of cooperation when being married

This is a marriage killer that you should never neglect. In fact, when the wife finds herself doing all the work inside the house and around it while the husband is lying there doing nothing, that could break the marriage.

If the husband is just watching TV and having a beer when the wife cooks, cleans, washes clothes and dishes, picks up her husband’s dirty clothes, takes care of the children, and brings the groceries. That is a tough job to do for one person.

One day, she’ll give up and ask for divorce if not, complicating things and causing more problems to her marriage. Helping each other is one of many keys that make any marriage last forever. But many couples won’t even notice that before breaking up. So, think about it now before it’s too late.

7. Lack of appreciation

When the wife does everything in the house, but the husband not only doesn’t help but also doesn’t appreciate what she’s doing, that could break up things and make the marriage more complicated and harder to maintain. That’s what happens when the lady spends hours cleaning the house and preparing a delicious dinner for her husband, and then he eats it without any sign of appreciation. This is indeed so rude and insensitive.

8. Over jealousy and insecurity

In some marriages, one of the partners can be insecure and over jealous to reflect that insecurity on their relationship. Imagine having a clingy partner who calls you all the time to know how and where you are. Add this to other toxic marriage habits every couple should be aware of.

Also, who bombards your phone with endless texts and who sticks to you everywhere you go. That’s not all, but also, you’ll find your spouse gets jealous of any person you talk to.

Consequently, that will be suffocating and make you feel uncomfortable and breathless in your daily life, and it won’t make the marriage last.

9. Criticizing a lot can cause divorce

When your partner is a criticizing freak, it becomes hard to have a peaceful life. When they are constantly criticizing and belittling you, they criticize everything you do, everything you say, and anything you achieve. It becomes so depressing and unbearable. You can’t put up with a negative and destructive person like that, which leads eventually to marriage destruction.

Criticizing a lot can cause divorce

10. Emotional abuse/ being mean

This is one of the 10 things that can destroy a marriage, and when your partner is mean and resorts to jokes to ridicule you, even though you told him so many times not to. But he keeps doing it repeatedly without considering your emotions; this can be an alarming signal since he doesn’t care about you or your feelings.

Emotional abuse can kill marriage

Abusing a wife and talking badly with her are some things that husbands do to destroy the marriage. So, be aware of that and try to understand why your guy wants a divorce. There could be another woman behind the scenes who changes him.

In all cases, by investigating who your husband is texting with whom he talks and what he does on his phone, you can have an idea. Being in an emotionally abusive marriage is toxic and bad for both sides.

11. Emotional neglect

When your partner is always busy and doesn’t have time for you, they don’t appreciate you the way you appreciate them; they don’t satisfy you emotionally and physically. This will make you feel useless and miserable. Also, you’ll feel as if you’re just a piece of furniture in the house. That’s because emotional neglect is the worst thing that can happen to a couple, and it can easily blow up their marriage.

Emotional neglect can destroy your marriage

12. Being always right

This is a very critical problem that leads to marriage destruction; you know why? Because when one of the partners thinks that he’s always right, it doesn’t matter what’s the situation, or what’s your point of view, they don’t care about it. Even more, they believe their point of view is much more suitable. So there is no need to argue with them since you’ll permanently lose the battle.

13. Constant complaint kills marriage

When you or your partner is always complaining about your job, your life, car, lifestyle,…etc, you’ll create a sense of resentment and boredom. As a result, you’ll make your life unbearable and depressing.

Marriage needs peaceful moments, and by handling your daily life issues and avoiding talking about problems when it’s not the right time, you may help your husband or wife to love you more. Of course, we’ll have issues, and life is not that easy. But also, we should separate work from home routines. Indeed, marriage can be easily damaged when complaining about everything.

Also, mental health issues can be very problematic for married couples. Add to that if your wife’s insecurity will ruin your marriage.

14. Putting your partner at the bottom of your priority

This is another marriage killer. It happens when you choose to spend time with your friends and family. Then, you take care of your kids and make the most of your time doing things that you consider more important than spending time with your spouse.

That’s when things will go down. That’s because you’re throwing your partner at the bottom of your interests, and he’ll, for sure, feel that he’s of lower importance to you. Consequently, the guy will find that he’s no longer your top priority. So, he’ll search for comfort elsewhere, and he’ll use dating sites or in the workplace, even if in relationships.

15. Comparing

Comparing your life to your friends’ and acquaintances’ is a lethal destruction weapon to relationships. When you tend to compare your partner to others and ask them to be more like your friends or others, they’ll feel belittled and hurt. When you’re not satisfied with your life and family, you’ll never be happy, and you’ll create a very negative atmosphere at home. Instead, you should better appreciate what you have before it’s late.

16. Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is the worst thing that can happen in a marriage. Indeed, when the wife or the husband becomes addicted to alcohol, life inside the family starts to break down tragically. At first, the person hurts himself, then later, he starts hurting the rest of the family from mistreating his partner and kids, harassing them to hitting and hurting them.

Alcohol addiction can damage marriage

Being addicted to alcohol is one of the worst things that can directly affect, then damage any marriage. Consequently, building trust and winning a wife after hurting her won’t be easy for every couple.

17. Domestic violence

Domestic violence is one of the most prominent reasons to destroy a marriage. Alcoholism can lead to domestic violence, but other factors can contribute to this painful situation, such as losing a job. Hence, the husband will take all his anger on his wife and children and start harassing them either verbally or physically. This is, in fact, a hazardous situation and can destroy the strongest marriages.

18. Sexual dissatisfaction

Last but not least, when you neglect your partner sexually and don’t satisfy their needs, they will feel hurt and frustrated. That’s because whether we like it or not, in reality, sex is the essence of any marital relationship. If you don’t provide your partner with their sexual rights, this will create huge serious problems.

More importantly, your partner may think that this is their fault. Maybe they did something wrong, and much worse, they may question their bodies and that they are not attractive anymore. That’s why their partner doesn’t want to touch them.

Other things that can kill marriages

In many cases, the husband’s snoring ruins the marriage, and believe it or not, that happens. Ladies don’t have that same level of discomfort when someone else is snoring on their ears for years. In addition, money can also ruin relationships, and marriage is not an exception.

When a married couple struggles with financial difficulties and one side decides to leave the other alone facing life problems, that could cause divorce and separation.

Also, when friends start interfering in marriage and suggest things or give their advice, that could start the separation. That’s because advising on marriage issues is not bad on its own. But when friends and family members try to impose their ideas, that’s what kills the married couple’s relationship.

It’s evident that any family interference in your marriage is bad. So, your sister, brother, father, and mother should not try to change your mind about your husband or wife. You’re the married couple and not others. Thus, by letting others do what they want, you’ll help them ruin your marriage.

Also, friends can destroy marriages, and before listening to any advice from them, ask yourself why they want to help? If she’s a woman, then probably she’s waiting for your divorce to be his girlfriend.

Who knows what others have in mind if they keep interfering in your marriage and telling you what the husband should say and do? Always keep yourself distant from taking a woman’s advice if they look suspicious to you.


These are the most common things that can kill marriages. Some of these can ruin the marriage faster than others, and without considering that, it’s not that easy to avoid divorce. On the other side, when you understand how these factors and bad habits are toxic for your marriage, you’ll be able to fix things and build a stronger union with your spouse.

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