How to Tell If you’re Dating a Married Guy and He’s Hiding It

Do you want to find out if the guy you’re dating is married or maybe has a girlfriend? And you look for common signs that can tell you the truth because you’re attracted to him? Or probably because you’re curious about getting his actual marital status to protect yourself from online dating scams or other reasons? So, keep reading.

Dating has become complicated these days. And finding decent boyfriend material has become even harder. So, what if you’re already dating someone, but you’re suspecting that he’s seeing another woman or, even worse, he’s probably married? How can you find out if he’s playing around? Here are the common signs you’re dating a married guy.

How to tell if you’re dating a married man

This is how to know if you’re dating a married man. But before thinking about any obvious signs, take your time and search on the Internet to identify who that guy is in real life. You might be dating a guy who is not only married but also cheating on his wife or scamming girls just like you. Even if you want to distance yourself from a married man, it will be late because he has your details and can cause some issues.

For that reason, always avoid giving your primary phone number, email, and social media accounts to a man because you have a crush on him. It’s better to wait or use secondary numbers and contact details for guys you don’t know who they’re. Now, let’s find out if you’re dating a married man.

1. He can’t stay the night with you

Most men love to spend the night with their girlfriends and to sleep in their arms. So, they love to wake up by their sides and cuddle with them in the morning. But if the man you’re dating never spends the night at your place and always makes excuses to never sleep there, that’s a clear sign he has another house to go to. In brief, he has a wife that he doesn’t want her to discover his adultery.

He's married, so he can't stay the night with you

If you notice that the man is stressed and looks at his watch many times when it’s night, then he doesn’t want to mess with his marriage. That’s another way to tell that your crush has a girlfriend, if not wedded, and has kids already.

2. The guy only talks with you at night

At night only is the only time that the man can contact you. That’s because the guy spends the day with his wife and kids. So, it’s too dangerous to call you or else his wife would find out his dirty secret. Thus, when the night falls, after tucking in his kids and cuddling with his wife until she sleeps, then he can call you. Otherwise, his wife will catch him cheating on her with you.

The man talks with you at night only

Calling others late at night while that man has another partner can hurt the other one’s relationship. But because the man only cares about himself, he won’t notice that.

3. He whispers when he calls you

This often happens when you love him, but he has a girlfriend. Whenever the guy calls you, he whispers and keeps his voice down. That’s an obvious sign that he’s not totally honest with you. So, you can tell from that that he’s a married man and not single. And, of course, no man wants the wife to hear him talking to his side chick.

He whispers when he calls you on the phone

Yes, you heard me well, you may be that side girl he tries to keep a secret. That’s why your male friend acts suspiciously whenever he calls you. So, most of the time, he hangs up on you. Then, he calls you back, pretending that his phone is malfunctioning or occupied for other excuses. If you man is doing that, he’s a married man, hiding that. Am I right?

4. He contacts you at specific times

If your boyfriend contacts you at specific times and always reaches out at those times, even at the weekends, then you can conclude that the guy is definitely engaged or even hides a secret girlfriend. That’s why he can’t communicate with you only during those times. This is another subtle sign that someone is already in a relationship.

Consequently, the man can’t call or text you anytime you want. Also, he can’t cancel your calls, and he doesn’t text back immediately or after a while. Even more, you may find that the man turns his phone off most of the time. In short, the guy only calls back at certain times and goes missing all day long. That’s another telltale sign the man is already married.

5. You always meet at your place or out of the city

Probably this is one of the most apparent signs someone has a girlfriend, but he hides that. This can happen whenever you agree to meet with your boyfriend. So you always hang out at your place. Or he takes you to places far away from the city you live in. Besides, you can find that you usually sit at a dark cornered table so that no one can see you.

That won’t seem suspicious at first. But then, if you think about it, you’ll conclude that the man is trying to hide you from people because he’s married or has a girlfriend. And in all the cases, that guy doesn’t want his partner to notice or hear about that.

That’s to say that you only hang out at your house; the guy never takes you to his place. So, the man takes you to dates in restaurants and places outside your city. In addition, you’ll see that he always insists that you both sit in a dark booth to have some privacy. Of course, that’s what he says; however, this should ring the danger alarm because he’s pretty much hiding your relationship. That way, no one sees him with you and tells his wife or girlfriend.

6. The guy hides his phone because he’s married

It’s normal for people to be protective over their phones and to protect their privacy. However, if they are overly attached to their devices and act crazy whenever someone touches them, something is fishy here. Therefore, if your boyfriend keeps his phone in his pocket, takes it wherever he goes, and never lets you near it even for a second, then he’s playing around on both sides. So, he’s cheating on both his wife and you.

7. You never meet his friends and folks

When a guy is deeply in love with a girl and serious about her, he’ll make sure that everyone knows about that relationship. So, your man will undoubtedly introduce you to his parents and friends. Or even take you to places where his friends hang out. This can quickly tell you if a guy has a secret girlfriend and doesn’t want you to find the truth.

Also, the guy will try to include his sweetheart in his friends’ circle and help her fit in because he loves her. Also, the man will be proud of his loved female and wants his friends to like and accept her.

That’s what a sincere boyfriend would do. Nevertheless, if your date never introduces you to his friends and folks and never hangs out in public with you, then he wants to keep you a secret girlfriend. In other words, he doesn’t want others to see both of you in public because he’s married.

8. There’s no sign of you on his social media

Nowadays, social media platforms are the most popular means of communication between people and couples, specifically. Hence, if two are supposedly in love, it’ll be all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You’ll be posting pictures together, sharing moments on Facebook, changing his status to “in a relationship”.

That being said, this is not the case with your partner because he has another woman. So you’re not his only girlfriend. That could be noticeable if there’s actually no sign of you on his Newsfeed, no pictures or no posts on Facebook, etc… Even more, you can’t even see some photos and posts about him.

In other cases, the guy sometimes deletes your comments, and he may even put you on limited access. So you won’t see some posts and pictures of him. If this happens with your boyfriend or a guy you’re into, that shows that the guy is married. So, you’re not that important to him and that he’s trying to keep you in the dark and stay with his secret female friend or wife.

9. The man bails on you at the last minute

Married men do this in most cases. So, this happens whenever you make plans with your male crush. He ditches you for no decent reason, you plan dates, and you agree to meet. But suddenly, he calls or texts you to tell you that he was caught at work. Or maybe he has an emergency, or he’s just sick and can’t make it.

That way, he’s the cheating man always making lame excuses. But you know in your heart that he’s just lying to you. That’s no decent man will bail on his baby girl unless she’s not his main girl rather than just a side female.

10. He doesn’t take specific calls when you’re around

When the man is at your place, and his friends or coworkers call him, he picks up and talks freely. But there are certain calls and texts that the guy ignores when you’re beside him. That’s another telltale sign you’re dating a guy who has a girlfriend or is married.

At other times, the guy will just stand up and walk out to make that call and send that text. If that doesn’t happen once or twice, but most of the time, then this is the usual routine of a man who’s a married player.

Other obvious signs

There are plenty of other signs that show dishonesty from the guy you’re attracted to. Or maybe you’re dating a married man without letting you know about that. For example, look for times when the guy leaves his phone face down when you’re together, or he just turns it off. Additionally, you may notice that your boyfriend pays only in cash, no matter how much the amount. The reason for that is that the guy is afraid that his wife may retrace his credit card activities.

Add to that; the guy calls you pet names like “baby”, “bae” “hubby”, “darling”, “sweetheart” in fear that he would call you by his wife’s name. Besides, the man doesn’t invite you to his place, and you always meet at your house or in a hotel room. Also, the guy doesn’t hold your hands in public, and he’s always in a rush to end the call with you. If you notice any of these signs, he’s already married and hides that from the lady.


These are all the red flag signs you should look out for to know if you’re dating a married guy or have another girlfriend beside you. Then, look for someone who is not married and respects and appreciates you. Now, you know everything, and it’s up to you to keep being the side girl or to break up with him.

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