How do you Tell if Another Woman is Attracted to your husband?

Do you have the feeling that your partner is flirting with another woman? And you suspect that a lady is attracted to him and wants him for her? Then, you can look for signs and investigate more to tell if she’s really into your man or just being friends.

Lately, you’ve noticed that some of your female acquaintances, whether a mutual friend, a neighbor, or a coworker have become so close to your husband and you, she’s around you Two, most of the time. Also, you crossroads a lot, and she seems a little bit closer to your husband than you.

Your guts are telling you that something is fishy, but you don’t want to exaggerate and point a finger without any proof. Well, if you want to prove yourself right, here are the signs that a woman is attracted to your husband.

11 Signs another woman has a crush on my husband

1. She wears revealing clothes

If a woman is into your husband, she will do her best to seduce him, so she will make sure to wear revealing and sexy clothes. Consequently, she will be sitting there opposite your husband wearing an outfit that reveals her cleavage and half of her bosom.

Come on! No decent woman and a true friend would wear something like that with a married man unless she’s planning to seduce him.

She wears revealing clothes to seduce him

2. Wearing to impress

Another strong sign that a woman probably wants to steal your husband from you is the way she dresses. Hence, if this female is putting so much effort into the way she looks such as:

  • Wearing sexy and tight gowns
  • She tries to show off her body
  • Wearing expensive perfume
  • She’s always on point then she’s for sure after your dear husband

These for sure can tell you if that lady is trying to get the intention of your man or not.

3. She follows him on social media

If this woman seems to be your husband’s number one fan, and she’s all over his social media accounts, then, closely look for the following actions she could do to impress him or other reasons:

  • She comments on all his posts
  • Likes his photos
  • She jokes with him
  • Sends him funny videos and memes on Facebook which is not good in relationships.
  • Chats with him most of the time even at night time
  • The woman never takes a rest.

4. Giving him compliments

Every time you meet, she can’t stop giving compliments to your husband. So, the lady may compliment his clothes, the way he talks, and even more, she would even compliment his body and make him feel sexy and desirable. In addition, you may notice that when he makes a joke, the same girl bursts out laughing even if it was not funny at all.

5. That woman wants to be friends with him

Since this woman is only interested in your man, then you are no good for her. That’s why she’ll try to be closer to your husband and become good friends with him. Just notice when you’re all together that she’s only addressing him most of the time and she’s ignoring you as if you don’t exist. Oh no! That’s a clear and a huge red flag, this woman is drooling over your husband and wants him to be hers.

6. She doesn’t like you

If a woman likes your man, she will definitely hate your guts, thus if this female keeps interrupting you during your conversation by doing the following actions:

  • Picking on you in front of your husband
  • Making fun of your outfit while she’s dressing luxuriously seductively,
  • Wearing sensual perfume

That can tell you that she’s absolutely jealous of you, and wants to make you feel inferior to her. Don’t worry if you trust your husband then she can’t have what she doesn’t own.

7. She drops by your house when you’re not there

It’s obvious that this lady swings by your house only if you’re not there, it’s clear that she seizes every moment to be alone with your husband. So, she’s always around him when you’re not present and she’s enjoying every moment with him. In this case, you should tell her to never come to your house and to leave your husband alone because you know what she’s up to.

8. She’s always there for him

It’s ordinary for couples to fight, so for sure you have your own share of the cake. At first, your husband used to call his buddies, go out with them to let off steam, and clear his mind, however, guess who’s calling first for help now? Yes, you guessed right, it’s his female friend.

That woman is now the shoulder, he leans on in times of trouble and despair, she’s there for him whenever he needs her, and she does her best to make him feel better, in other words, she practically replaced you.

She’s always there for him

9. The girl is calling and texting him a lot

It seems that your man is getting endless calls and messages from this woman and also, you’ll notice the following:

  • She has no sense of decency
  • The girl calls and texts anytime and anywhere
  • She even calls late at night and her texts and calls seem flirtatious
The girl is calling and texting your man

Here, your husband should step up and stop her, he should clarify that he’s a married man and is not looking for a fling. On the other hand, if he doesn’t do anything and just keeps answering her back then he’s probably enjoying her company, in this case, you should know what you have to do.

10. Being extra-touchy with him

Sometimes when people talk, they tend to touch other people’s hands and shoulders, but if you notice that this woman is extra touchy with your husband, then, there’s something fishy here. You may feel and see that she tends to brush his hands a lot, her knees touch his frequently, sometimes she bumps into him even if there’s much space to go through.

Besides, she seems flirtatious with him either verbally or through her body language since she’s sending him signals that she likes him and she’s into him.

11. The woman talks about your husband a lot

When we like someone, we won’t stop ranting about him. Thus, if somebody you know came and told you that this woman is constantly talking about your husband and that she can’t stop admiring and idolizing him, hence, she’s for sure interested in him and destroying your marriage.

Your gut will tell you she wants your husband

Women don’t need any proof to know that some other female is seducing their men, they just know it. They have that feeling that informs them that something isn’t right, so if your gut tells you that this woman isn’t good and that she’s after your husband, then believe it because you know it’s right.

Therefore, dear lady, if you experienced even half of these alarming signs, please act immediately and don’t wait until your husband falls for this snake. However, don’t be overreacting and making things worse, think about it first.

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