How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat

When you want to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat, many search options can help. But there is always a chance to see the exact date of birth or let’s say the age of the person you look for. Just follow the steps we talk about and if you have some extra time, search engines can show you the information you’re looking for.

Finding someone’s birthday on Snapchat

Snapchat is a little different from Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms for texting and connections. It has another profile page layout and the user may not always put his or her date of birth. Thus, directly, seeing the person’s birthday on Snapchat may not be easy as many users expect. However, we’ll look for all the possible ways to extract people’s birthdays from Snapchat, or other social platforms indirectly.

1. Search by username

The best way to figure out someone’s birthday on Snapchat without asking them is to reverse lookup their username. In fact, Snapchat users have unique usernames, and it’s like the ID that will be added to the site URL. That means individuals are less likely to use the same username across multiple social platforms.

Now, when your friend hides his date of birth on Snapchat, you still have very powerful information to search with. It’s their unique username, and by using a trusted reverse username search engine, it can show you the year of birth, month, and date. That way, you’ll have access to their data such as when they were born, if that’s available of course, and see more details including their real name on Snapchat, where they live, etc…

2. Snapchat Birthday Party

Snapchat has unique features that allow users to celebrate someone else’s birthday if they’re friends. Here is how it works. When someone updates his or her profile details like date of birth, the site will ask for their confirmation. Thus, when they approve the change, Snapchat will notify the list of friends of that user about his or her birthdate without revealing their age.

That’s the “Birthday Party” function that comes with special signs and notifications. In addition to that, when you visit someone’s profile on Snapchat, you’ll see the zodiac signs under his “Charms”. Which are special mementos to let users celebrate their friendship in different ways.

Someone's birthday on Snapchat

Now, to check if today is the birthday of one of your friends on Snapchat, log in first into your account. Then, click on their profile or group icons. Next, scroll down until you find the section, “Charms” as we talked about earlier. When you swipe out the charms or swipe down, Snapchat shows you the special notification about that exact user. If it’s their birthday, you’ll see the zodiac sign.

Even if this is one of the best ways to tell when someone’s birthday is happening on Snapchat, it won’t work all the time. That’s because if the user does not enable the Birthday Party on their account, Snapchat won’t notify the friends about their birthdate when it comes. So, the only condition for this trick to work is when the person allows others to celebrate his birth date.

3. Display name

This is another smart way to check someone’s birthday on Snapchat without being friends, even more, you don’t need to have an account. All you need is the display name on the user’s Snapchat profile. Keep in mind that most people use their first plus last name on Snapchat, and that’s the display name. Now, if that’s the real name of the user behind that Snapchat account, you can copy and paste that name into Google or a search system dedicated to finding social media like the one above.

In addition, to date, using this method can reveal the possible hidden emails that the person uses, and also any secret phone number, etc…

4. Check their other social media accounts

If you find no mention of a birthday or other personal information on someone’s Snapchat, then, try their other accounts. Social media users have different profiles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. That way, they can put their real date of birth under the biography or the “About” section on Facebook. From that page, you can read their details and that may show you their age, birth date, etc…

When you find their hidden social accounts, there should be other linked information and pages somewhere on the Internet.

5. Start a conversation about birthday celebrations

If you used to talk to that person on Snapchat in other ways, then, this tactic will work for sure. Instead of asking someone about his or her birthday directly, try to open a conversation about the subject. Now, don’t be too personal and show that your goal is to uncover the birthdate of SnapChatters.

Start by preparing what you’re going to talk about and make a list of questions to ask them. For example, pretend to be asking your friend about the best gift ideas for someone’s birthday. Next, show them that you’re interested in their personal advice based on their experience with past birthday gifts.

Don’t skip this step, it’s important and it can show you more details than what you expect. People especially in your friends’ list will help in advising you about the type of gifts for someone’s birthday based on time, season, or even month.

Let’s say for example, that your friend is talking about the gifts, you can read between the lines. You can conclude if that was winter, summer, or other seasons. Then, if the season when that person was born is not clear, you can take a further step and indirectly get their answer through the excuses that you need help. And believe it or not, this strategy is effective in getting someone’s birthday if you keep the conversation open.

Here is another example, let’s suppose you visited someone at home, and you saw one of their photos. If you see any pictures of birthdays, show them your appreciation and tell them how much you liked that shot. Next, look at details like makeup, what they wear, time of the day, etc…

Next, say, say for instance, “it was a hot day?” or whatever. Consequently, they may tell you exactly the exact date and month of that celebrated birthday and that will answer your question.

6. Asking them for their birthdate directly

In most cases, people can find their friend’s birthdate on Snapchat. But when that’s not possible, then, asking them directly should be a good decision. There is no need to worry about asking others when they were born even in a Snapchat message.

If the guy or the girl is one of your best friends, they’ll just tell you the date of birth. Or at least, they won’t mind showing you when it will be their next birthday. That being said, many girls don’t want to show their real age, and men act differently than women when it comes to telling others about their age. And so, they don’t feel comfortable telling others about their exact year of birth. But they don’t mind talking about their future birthday.

If you want to surprise that person, then, asking them directly won’t be a problem. But you need to find an excuse to know their date of birth through Snapchat or other sites.


Now, you have the best ways and tricks to find someone’s date of birth on Snapchat. You can then wish them a happy birthday when it’s time or send them your gift. But make sure you get the correct day and month because that may not be 100% accurate, especially on Social media. Some users prefer keeping their real date of birth secrets. So, they may show fake years and dates for privacy reasons or others.

That’s why it’s recommended to double-check the information you see on any search engine to validate it. Next, search again on other social media sites to see if that exact date of birth is the same or not.

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